Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ivory Filter Flask: 9/1/16 edition

A few of the (many!) academic positions posted at C&EN Jobs:

Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago is looking to hire an assistant professor of chemistry.

Salt Lake City, UT: The University of Utah is hiring at all levels for a new "Biophysics/Neuroscience/Chemical Biology Cluster". They're looking to hire at the assistant professor level, but all applications will be entertained.

Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University is looking for an assistant professor of chemical biology.

Huntsville, TX: Sam Houston State University is hiring an assistant professor of organic chemistry.

Notre Dame, IN: The University of Notre Dame is conducting an open-rank faculty search. This was an interesting comment:
Junior candidates must also arrange for at least three letters of recommendation, while senior applicants can apply in confidence. 
Never seen that before.

Fort Collins, CO: Colorado State wishes to hire an assistant or associate professor of chemistry.

Milwaukee, WI: Marquette University wishes to hire an assistant professor of analytical chemistry, preferably one with expertise in bioanalytical chemistry.

Minot, ND: Minot State University is looking for an assistant professor of analytical chemistry.

(An unusual warning: "The state of North Dakota has an open records law; therefore, your application could be subject to review upon request." I had never thought of that...)

Newark, NJ: The New Jersey Institute of Technology is hiring a lecturer of organic chemistry.

The List: The 2017 Faculty Jobs List (curated mostly by Andrew Spaeth) is at 181 positions.

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