Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jin-Quan Yu is a 2016 MacArthur Fellow

Congratulations to Professor Yu and his group! (Someone at the MacArthur Foundation sure likes chemists!) 


  1. I absolutely love the footage of JQ running a column on clean solvent.

    1. That's what we call "full professor chemistry"

    2. I think he also forgot how to put on gloves properly...

  2. I was watching the Jin benchpress video (link in handle) and remembered that there's this great video of Huw Davies and Jin playing table tennis that I can't seem to find anymore...can anyone help me out?

  3. I always thought Yu's comments, which he often makes in talks, on reviewers being 'simply wrong' when they kept saying 'this is not a useful reaction' were great. If it's a new reaction, and especially if something that is not anticipated, it should be published in the highest journals. Academic journals are not a place only for publishing catalysis results for use to industry. More often than not, your catalysis is under-optimized for industry purposes anyways. Academia should focus on discovery and not optimization and it's sad to see people being punished for it. Hopefully as Yu becomes more famous, more reviewers will get the message.


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