Thursday, March 30, 2017

Daily Pump Trap: 3/30/17 edition

A few of the positions posted at C&EN Jobs:

Iselin, NJ: Been a while since we've seen one of these FCC positions out of BASF, but here's another one for a Ph.D. in chemical engineering.

"Great Boston Area": So this is an interesting one:
Clear Scientific, LLC. is a Chemical and Biological Defense (CBD) company headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA. Our vision is to be the premier provider of solutions in CBD for the Warfighter and homeland security. Clear Scientific is currently seeking exceptional synthetic chemists to support our growing product line.
I wonder what they do? Ph.D in organic chemistry, 5-10 years experience desired.

Seattle, WA: The Infectious Disease Research Institute is looking for a Ph.D. medicinal chemist to work on tuberculosis drugs; looks to be entry-level.

San Francisco, CA: Nektar is looking for a B.S./M.S/Ph.D. scientist to work in its biologics group on fermentation/purification/formulation issues.

King of Prussia, PA: Tosoh Biosciences is looking for a Ph.D. organic chemist with 3-5 years experience to work on process chromatography.

On the sales side: Biotage, looking for a regional marketing manager.

Houston, TX: Flotek Chemistry is looking for an experienced chemist to be a research associate to work on polymer fluids development; minimum 5 years experience.

Granville, OH: Owens Corning is looking for an analytical laboratory technician. 

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  1. Process chromatography? Sounds like a nightmare.