Thursday, March 9, 2017

EdX class in medicinal chemistry

From the inbox, Professor Erland Stevens of Davidson College is once again teaching his class on medicinal chemistry:
I am the instructor for a free medicinal chemistry MOOC on the edX platform.  The course is currently offered as a collaboration between Davidson College and Novartis and has drawn over 40,000 registrants in its past four iterations. 
The course is running again starting Monday, March 13th.  The class runs for 7 weeks and hits FDA approval, protein structure and activity, pharmacokinetics, metabolism, lead discovery/optimization.  The target audience includes chem/bio/pharmacy students, recent pharma hires, and anyone with an interest in drug discovery.  Any student who is able to understand an organic structure should be fine on the prerequisites (chem/math/bio).
Sounds interesting!   

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