Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chemjobber C&EN Index: 6/1/09

Industrial (non-academic, non-governmental) positions:

Total number of ads: 2
- Postdocs: 0
- Permanent positions: 2
- Ratio of US/non-US: 2/0
Area: 234

Governmental positions (US, international):
Total number of ads: 2
- Postdocs: 1
- Permanent positions: 1
- Ratio of US/non-US: 2/0
Area: 84

Academic positions:
Total number of ads: 4
- Postdocs: 0
- Tenure-track faculty: 3
- Temporary faculty: 0
- Lecturer positions: 0
- Staff positions: 1
- Ratio of US/non-US positions: 3/1
- Area (square cm): 338

Sigh: One very lovely ad from Scynexis, but only for a chemist with experience (analytical, more than 5 years of industrial time.) While I'm counting the ACS position as industrial, it might as well not be there. Unlikely ACS will hire some smart postdoc to administer the venerable Petroleum Research Fund. 

Nice work if you can get it: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is looking for a staff position to run a med-chem lab in oncology and parasitology. This looks like a really lovely position for a laid-off Big Pharma-type. Life in Memphis is probably languid and lovely; the barbecue alone would be worth the salary cut. Would you be subjected to hours and hours of their heart-tugging and slightly annoying commercials during your orientation? Wanna find out? 

Small college of the week: The University of Western Australia (Perth, Western Australia, student population: 15, 920, SA-LUTE!) is looking for a "Chevron Professor of Gas Process Engineering"; this position also appears to be referred to as a "Winthrop Professor", which appears to be the very highest level of professor at UWA. Perth seems like a nice place -- you would be near the Perth Mint, which holds near as much gold as Fort Knox. 

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