Friday, June 26, 2009

Daily Pump Trap: 6/26/09 edition

Including June 25, there have been 9 new jobs posted on the ACS Careers website.

Sanford and things: Invista is looking for a B.S. chemist with a organic/polymer background; 0-5 years experience in organic synthesis desired. Looks good to me. It's in South Carolina, which (as a state) has been suffering of late, especially between Miss Teen SC, the economy and the soon-to-be-departed governor. Bet the BBQ is good.

Honk if you got a p-chem degree: A small medical devices company is looking for a Ph.D. physical chemist to help with designing glucose monitors. Interesting and tempting -- no experience requirements posted.

Interesting H.S. job: Bard College has started an "early college" program, where at the end of it, you get an Associate of Arts and your Regents diploma. Interestingly, they're looking for a Ph.D. organic chemist with lots of teaching experience. So if you want to teach organic to teenagers (and who wouldn't? what a challenge!), this might be for you.

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  1. Currently unemployed and looking for a job, I noticed this ad for a High School Teaching position. I was somewhat interested, since after 30 years of drug discovery research as a synthetic organic/medicinal chemist I have been thinking about a new career in education and might resort to working towards a teaching certificate. Everyone tells me that there is a shortage of science teachers, and this could be the reason why. Even if I had a teaching certificate and teaching experience, I still wouldn't be qualified for this position, despite 30 years of real life chemistry experience.


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