Monday, June 29, 2009

Chemjobber C&EN Index: 6/15/09

Industrial (non-academic, non-governmental) positions:

Total number of ads: 5
- Postdocs: 0
- Permanent positions: 5++
- Ratio of US/non-US: 5/0
Area: 597

Governmental positions (US, international):
Total number of ads: 1
- Postdocs: 0
- Permanent positions: 1
- Ratio of US/non-US: 1/0
Area: 73

Academic positions:
Total number of ads: 8
- Postdocs: 10
- Tenure-track faculty: 2
- Temporary faculty: 0
- Lecturer positions: 1+
- Staff positions: 1
- Ratio of US/non-US positions: 8+/6
- Area (square cm): 358

Niiiice!: A few industrial positions this week, but most of them for the highly experienced. Kudos to Abbott Labs for the Ph.D. molecular modeler position in drug discovery (2 years experience desired.) 

Scia-what?: Research Corporation for Science Advancement apparently wants to give away money (grants, in their Scialog 2009: Solar Energy Conversion program.) Why they choose to advertise in the jobs section is beyond me. 

Small college of the week: University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth (North Dartmouth, Mass, student population: 9155) is looking for lecturers! If you have a specialty in inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry and chemical education, these positions may be for you! 

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