Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Pump Trap: trolling the ACS Careers jobs feed, 6/9/09 edition

New way to tackle the ACS Careers website -- I'm going to (try to) read all of the (daily) newly posted jobs and pick out the ones I find interesting or funny. Registration is required for the ACS job database -- I know, I know -- I'm sorry if you don't have access. Then again, e-mail me if that's an issue and I'll try to see what I can do for you personally (within reason, of course): 

11 jobs in today's haul: 

Really, Pfizer, really? Pfizer has been advertising this high-level "oligonucleotide chemist " position in Cambridge for about a year now. It's driving me crazy because it shows up for damn near every single "synthetic chemist" job search out there. Look -- you've already spent like five grand on the advertising by now. Why not just send $100 bouquets/gift baskets to the undoubtedly less than fifty chemists who fit your criteria? It'd be cheaper and probably more effective. 

So that's what ADM is doing with those federal subsidies!: Did you know there's a National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center? You do now! (Really -- what's to research? Snerk. Sorry, sorry.) They're looking for postdocs, in case you were interested in spending time in southern Illinois. 

Spam FTW!: Hormel Foods is looking for a "Associate Quality & Process Control Supervisor " to keep the nation's supply for Spam safe from bacteria, accidents and terrorist attack (joking on that last.) They'd like you to have a food science degree with a minimum 2.70 GPA. Wait -- you mean my 2.60 GPA* doesn't count. Oh, well. 

*Again, kidding. It was more like 2.65. 

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