Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daily Pump Trap: 6/25/09 edition

Since June 21, there have been 17 new jobs posted on the ACS Careers database.

Babysitting or chemistry teaching?: I have always been a little uncomfortable with the idea of teaching high school with my chemistry degree, but there are those I've talked to who love it. Fairmont Private Schools is "the largest private high school in Orange County (CA)" -- they're looking for a chemistry teacher, preferably one with experience teaching in high school. Hmmm.

If they only knew...: Washington State University has a remarkable place called the "Institute for Shock Physics"; they study materials at extreme conditions. There's a opening for a computational postdoc in "high pressure science", which must be a pun on the part of the titler. They want a recent Ph.D. in physical chemistry.

Multicultural, anyone?: Tetranov International is a startup CRO in pharmaceutical synthesis -- they have 3 openings for B.S. synthetic chemists. I'm quite fond of the mangled Engrish that you occasionally see in ACS Careers postings. They title the ad "Synthetic Research Scientists", which sounds like a bunch of artifically created lab robots and they apparently prefer chemists with experience in something called "medichem", which I suspect is performed in pharma discovery labs. Sigh. These are positions in the US, but the company has sites in the US and China, even though they have a Russian-sounding name. Fascinating.

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