Monday, June 15, 2009

Daily Pump Trap: 6/15/09 edition

Since June 13, there have been 8 jobs published on the ACS Careers website.

Thanks, Vertex: Vertex, unlike some pharmas, has been relatively active during the Great Whatever of 2007-9. Interestingly, they keep posting these ads for Scientists in "Chemical Development", which appears to be their process chemistry division. I imagine that this is the new new in terms of process chemistry jobs: "Experience interacting with contract research (CRO) and contract manufacturing (CMO) organizations." Outsourcing -- what can't it do?

Stimulus dollars at work (con't): The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is looking for a Senior Engineer I in Solar Energy. Sounds good to me -- you'll be directing projects developing solar energy resources. And when you get bored of work, you can hop on over to the Coors facility for a cold one!

Join the lab, see the world?: These positions were posted on June 12, but it's too hard to resist. Texas A&M's branch in Qatar (yes, you read that right) is looking for 5 postdocs. It looks to be mostly organic related, with some polymer and computational stuff thrown in. It sounds like a lovely facility and you'd probably have ample air conditioning. Question: when you stepped outside, would it be possible to tell the difference between College Station, TX and Doha, Qatar? I honestly don't know...

Caveats and explanation: The Daily Pump Trap is a blogging of the interesting jobs that come across the ACS Careers website. It is not a complete accounting of the jobs that are published there, just the ones I find interesting or amusing or worthwhile. Registration is required for the ACS job database -- I know, I know -- I'm sorry if you don't have access. Then again, e-mail me if that's an issue and I'll try to see what I can do for you personally (within reason, of course).

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  1. Well, Qatar sounds like a safer bet than that new university they are opening up in the religious part of Saudi Arabia (KAUST). Still, a lot of Indians died building Qatar for slave wages, so I would feel kind of bad working there because of that, but at least it wouldn't be in Western fuckin' Saudi Arabia beside Mecca and all the millions of unemployed and non-educated religious young men. Sorry King Abdullah, I think that 10 billion is a little late.


    Er... I mean Challah...


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