Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stir bars

An occasional series of small things that set my mind a-whirrin':
  • I am very surprised to note that Chemjobber's commentary on the first LA Times article on the UCLA/Sangji case was nominated for 3quarksdaily 's blog writing prize. I sincerely doubt I'll make it to the Pinker level (it really IS just an honor to be nominated), but if you feel like scrolling, go vote here!
  • Even more surprising was the nominator, C&EN's Carmen Drahl . Carmen is now Chemjobber's favorite C&EN staffer (enjoyed the last Newscripts!), beating out the super fun Bethany Halford. Check out Bethany's funny and informative article on IP in graduate school [and the potentially lucrative consequences.]) 
  • This discussion on Chemistry Blog (in the comments) on an increasingly common sight in chemistry labs: working while wearing earbuds. Those who have weighed in tend to agree: noise levels are a concern in the lab and listening to music cannot take precedence over safety. (Even though sometimes, you need a little Pantera to get the molecules reacting...)


  1. I voted for you, I only got one vote to give though?

  2. Thanks, dude. You (and your one vote) rock.


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