Monday, October 15, 2012

Arrrrrrggggghhh! Letters on Rudy Baum's tenure

I think it's rather humorous and fitting that this week's C&EN has devoted its letters section to readers reflecting on the end of Rudy Baum's tenure. I'd like to think that ol' Rudy enjoyed reading all of those letters.

Best (?) yet, the first letter is all "Rudy, thanks for publishing my letters all these years, but you've been wrong all along!"

Go over there and enjoy, if that's your thing.

P.S. The "Arrrrrgh!" is a reference to this post.


  1. "Blogs are all well and good, they add richness to the exchange of information, but they are not journalism, and they never will be."
    Bit of a carping parting remark, I thought.
    The best blogs can stand comparison with the best jounalism, in my opinion. Sounds like he was throwing down the gauntlet.

  2. Not that I really ever bothered to read his editorials - I've developed an allergy to editor missives during his predecessor's time, but still - good riddance. So, what's going to be a new pet horse?

  3. Journalism? Hardly! Rudy was just an extremely well paid ACS propaganda hack with an agenda that focused on his personal world view and pumping out ACS BS on shortages of chemists. Good riddance, as members certainly do not need another make it up-as-you-go talking head sucking on their overpriced dues.

    Given the rather poor performance of all E&EN editors for the past 40 years, perhaps the position should remain empty going forward and save the members a worthless salary. Alternatively maybe they could fill the position with an unemployed industrial chemist who just might advocate for chemists instead of the overpaid ACS bosses.

  4. I am just wondering how it would be to have a C&EN editor replace Mr. Baum's "Thanks for reading" with "Arrrrgggghhh!" at the end of every editorial. I suspect that this closing line might be more well-received than we think.


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