Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Faculty positions in organic chemistry, courtesy of Arash Sohelli

Courtesy of Arash Sohelli (proprietor of the @Total_Synthesis page), the different organic assistant professor positions available this fall:

October 5th Deadline

DePaul University (Undergraduate)
University of Washington
University of Mount Union (Undergraduate)

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October 10th Deadline

University of Wisconsin
Tufts University
Pennsylvania State University
University of Minnesota

October 15th Deadline

University of Illinois Chicago
Montana State
New York University
Skidmore College (Undergraduate)
University of Notre Dame
University of Pittsburgh
Auburn University
Virginia Tech (Drug Discovery)
University of Michigan
Washington University in St. Louis
Boston College
Indiana University
Cornell University
Princeton University
Emporia State University
University of Cincinnati (Undergraduate)

October 22nd Deadline

Iowa State University

November 1st Deadline

Oregon State University
Simon Fraser University
University of Wisconsin (Pharmacy School)
UC Berkeley
Michigan State University
Millersville University (Undergraduate)
Temple University
University of Nebraska, Kearney (Undergraduate)

November 15th Deadline

University of Minnesota, Morris (Undergraduate)


  1. What are people's thoughts on "deadlines". I'm applying (application still not ready!) but my advisor and I seem to agree that these "review ....begins" or "for full consideration..." are not hard deadlines that relegate your application to the bottom of the pile. I'm curious if there are any insiders to comment on such.

    1. I've been on a number of hiring committees. Depends on who's applying and via what avenue. If none of us knows them, or their references, then yes it's hard and fast deadline. If it's someone we're heavily trying to recruit we're flexible.

    2. What if your application is in before the deadline, but some references arrive later?

  2. I'm applying for faculty jobs in another division of chemistry. I'm not going to say what division or post any of the schools that have openings because I don't want the competition from people ;).

    I try to get my packet in well before the deadline, and contact my letter writers well before. Sometimes getting your letter writers to send their letters can be hard because they are super busy (as they should be if they are successful Professors at top-notch research institutions). I've been contacted already by some schools saying that the NEED my letters by X date or my packet will NOT be considered. It looks like like some schools use them as hard deadlines. Schools that explicitly say "open until filled" or "review will begin at" are probably ok to send things to a little late.

    I also agree with the anonymous person who posted at 5:03 based on my discussions with faculty members at several schools. If you get them in later than their deadlines, consider your chances to be lower than normal. That reminds me, I've got some more packets to send in and emails to send to my letter writers!!!!!

  3. Arrgghhhhhh! Damn you Jewish holidays and collaborators for taking off a whole month and then disappearing from the face of the planet so I can't submit any papers and my resume doesn't look as good, until probably all of these deadlines are past. Who the hell ever heard of Succot!? You think it's finished after Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and they will finally send you that figure, but no... "There is this holiday called Succot that lasts a whole week right after those two and I'm in China behind some firewall, sorry. Ta!"

    Yeah, congratulations of making it through the Yom Kippur fast and being inscribed in the book of life. God may have forgiven you. But I never will....

  4. In case there's some overlap with the interests of synthetic folks, we've got a chemical biology slot/slots open at stony brook:


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