Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Daily Pump Trap: 10/23/12 edition

Good morning! Between October 18 and October 22, there were 120 new positions posted on the ACS Careers database C&EN Jobs. Of these, 25 (29%) are academically connected and 73 (61%) are from Kelly Scientific Resources.

An announcement: Bannered at the top of the jobs database: "Starting October 22, the ACS Careers Jobs Database sports a new name and look. C&EN Jobs will continue to offer an extensive network of jobs and employment opportunities for chemists and scientific professionals around the globe. ACS members can continue to find valuable career resources—including career fairs, consulting, and workshops—at www.acs.org/careers."

(Folks, it's not really a new look (yet, anyway.) Why this change? I dunno.)

An announcement of my own: Blogging a database that's mostly irrelevant Kelly positions and academic jobs is no picnic. It's taken a while to realize that I really enjoy blogging ACS Careers C&EN Jobs (!) when it's a lot of positions that I know that people will be interested in, as opposed to quality assurance positions (nothing wrong with QA!) and professorships in Doha. I hope things turn around soon. If fall is corporate recruiting season, it is my sense that they are not going to ACS Careers.

Bucks County, PA: Polysciences is once again looking for a B.S./M.S. synthetic chemist. Hey, why are these people routinely advertising for the same position? Are they growing? No, they're just probably losing people. (Nope -- that's a different company in Illinois with a similar name. I have no idea why they're rehiring for the same position, then.)

Edwards Air Force Base, CA: ERC is a contractor at the Air Force Research Laboratory outside of Edwards Air Force Base; they're looking for a synthetic chemist. You're probably going to be working on "energetic materials" of some sort -- sounds like a fun job.

Albany, NY: The New York State Department of Health is looking for an experienced M.S./Ph.D. analytical chemist to do GC/GC-MS. Pay is 82-100k.

Ugh: Of course, the membership of the American Chemical Society has an experienced medical technologist who would like to work in Olivette, Missouri. I'm so glad you asked!


  1. Happy Mole Day everyone!

  2. I've been seeing quite a few positions around that are re-advertised over and over again. It's possible that the HR-bot set up for hiring that position is screening out everyone. Or it's possible they have some bizarre requirement that screens out everyone.

    Or maybe they're like the other places to which I've applied and they wait 4+ months to notify anyone of anything relating to their applications. A couple days ago I got a rejection for a job I applied to in early June. Do these places really expect applicants to just wait for them to respond? [I realize the answer is probably yes.]


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