Friday, October 5, 2012

Unemployment down 0.3% to 7.8% in September

Credit: Calculated Risk
Fresh electrons from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: the unemployment rate is down 0.3% to 7.8% in September. The broader U6 measurement was unchanged at 14.7%.

114,000 new jobs created, which will be the focus of the news reports this morning.

Thanks, as always, to Calculated Risk blog for the graphic. 


  1. Two more years of this? Oy.

  2. The graphic gives a really sobering perspective. Here's hoping the trend continues toward recovery.

  3. Hmmm... it's all good now. Maybe it's a good time to come back to the States. Still, due to shit being out of my control, I don't have publications in the last two years now, and will have at least five in 2013 and more if the boss stops being so secretive and allows me to publish stuff that contradicts previous research, so maybe I'll wait until 2013.


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