Monday, October 15, 2012

Kevin Reed: a person with an interesting job

Some Sangji inside baseball...

In the sordid history of UCLA's PR response to the #SheriSangji case, UCLA vice chancellor of legal affairs Kevin Reed plays a central role. He was the first UCLA official to spread the "Sheri Sangji was an experienced chemist" myth and has acted as a spokesperson for UCLA with respect to the case.

I was amused to be reading a story on ESPN about UCLA basketball's NCAA troubles recently and found this little tidbit: (emphases mine):
The investigation has cast such a cloud over the program that UCLA vice chancellor of legal affairs Kevin Reed monitored UCLA's annual basketball media day Wednesday to make sure Howland and the players did not address any questions about the investigation.  
So with less than a month to go before the season begins with the grand reopening of a refurbished Pauley Pavilion, the Bruins don't know if their two top prospects will be on the floor for the Nov. 9 season opener against Indiana State.  
"I'm just not going to comment with anything having to do with the ongoing investigation," Howland said with Reed lurking close behind. "It's inappropriate and it's not fair to the players. It's just a matter of their confidentiality with respect to the process. We're moving forward and I'm very hopeful and very optimistic that everything is going to work out and just waiting for the process to unfold and take place." 
Every large institution has its guardians of their public image; it is interesting to see how they work.


  1. Some people earn their living applying ball gags clad in studded leather bodices, but there are also the lucky ones - those, who do it dressed in fine Italian wool.

  2. As musician and economist Cyndi Lauper once said, “Money changes everything.”

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    1. That's kinda coincidental, because in my country making weak statement sound convincing is called "smoking".


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