Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tips, angry comments, suggestions wanted

I don't often say this, but it's true. My e-mail address (chemjobber -at- gmaildotcom) is at the top left hand part of this page, and if you want to talk to me directly, feel free to e-mail.

I'm thinking of putting "coaching carousel" feature in the Ivory Filter Flask, to note the holes that are created by professors moving between schools. So, if you have gossip to share, I'm all ears. Confidentiality, of course, is guaranteed. 

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  1. Some suggestions/requests that would be personally beneficial.
    - A posting on the academic job hunt. Is there a way to tell when a university will be hiring soon? Do universities generally hire looking for someone in a specific field/sub-field? Do virtually all US jobs get posted on the ACS Careers website in Sept and Oct? What about non-US positions?
    - More personal stories/suggestions from interviewers like the recent one about on campus hiring.
    - Maybe an Ask Me Anything (AMA) event with some of the luckily employed people out there. Perhaps anonymity would be helpful so that we could hear real opinions about things like the job market, pros and cons of different industries, etc.


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