Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Daily Pump Trap: 10/16/12 edition

Between October 11 and October 16, there were 81 new positions. Of these, 29 (36%) were academically connected and 38 (46%) were from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Danbury, CT: Sealed Air is hiring a B.S. chemist (2+ years experience) for a research position in their Packaging Products division. Sounds like fun.

Pittsburgh, PA: PIA Innovations is a new startup; they're hiring a Ph.D.-level chemist to synthesize amino acid monomers. Sounds interesting. 70k -- how far would that get you in Pittsburgh?


  1. $70k will go a long way in Pittsburgh. I miss living there. I was renting a 2-bedroom house with a yard in a nice neighborhood less than 2 miles from CMU/Pitt for $600/month.

    Moved to a major East coast city and we're paying more than double that now, and we have roommates to boot :(

  2. That is really cool. Thanks for finding it. Some really good ideas there, this is going to be a real time sink.


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