Friday, October 19, 2012

Live in the RTP area? Want to see the old Burroughs-Wellcome site?

Looks like the now-GSK, then-Burroughs Wellcome building (what an odd shaped building!) is open for tours tomorrow only. (Looks like 10 bucks) Sounds interesting -- other people's old labs are always more interesting than your own.

I wonder what drugs were discovered in the building? 


  1. They played a large part in the discovery of AZT.

  2. I'm an intern at GSK in RTP...why is there no word of this around the labs?

  3. Part of the reason may be that this is one of three buildings that GSK sold to United Therapeutics a few months ago. There was a short story about the tours in the Raleigh News & Observer a couple of weeks ago.

    Good news is that many tickets are left and will only go up to $15 on the day of the tour.


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