Thursday, August 11, 2016

ACS setting up a chemistry preprint server

I don't have a dog in this fight, but folks will probably want to know about this. From the ACS press release: 
WASHINGTON, Aug. 10, 2016 — The American Chemical Society (ACS) today announced its intention to form ChemRxiv, a chemistry preprint server for the global chemistry community, proposed as a collaborative undertaking that will facilitate the open dissemination of important scientific findings. The Society is presently in the process of inviting interested stakeholders to participate in helping to shape the service ahead of its anticipated launch.
Here's the C&EN article by Andrea Widener going into a few of the details. Here's hoping it's more successful than the ACS Network.

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  1. The key point is here "Given the popularity of preprint servers in physics and now biology, chemistry will have a preprint server. It is a positive move by the ACS to foster this initiative in this way,”

    I don't doubt for a second that the ACS has avoided this as long as they possibly can. But as it is coming they can either get on board or get left behind.