Friday, August 5, 2016

The View from Your Hood: Hawaiian storm edition

Credit: Jim Ciszewski
From reader Jim Ciszewski: "From a few years ago, when I was postdocing at U Hawaii -Mānoa, from atop Bilger Hall (the chemistry building), an afternoon storm brews."

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  1. Taken from the roof since Bilger has no windows.

  2. No windows might not be so bad if that was the view from the roof.

  3. Really? I was an undergrad REU student there with Craig Jensen, and we had windows in Bilger (at least, I think we were in Bilger...) See picture here:

  4. Ian, I should have been more precise. Bilger hall actually has windows facing The Mall (main walkway through campus) which is pretty nice. Bilger addition, which is where Vicic was located, does not have windows. From what I was told by senior faculty, was that they ran out of money during the construction of the addition, so windows and an enclosed walkway between Bilger and the addition were scrapped.

    1. From what I heard, Dr. Paul Scheuer is against having windows in the labs when the Bilger addition was built. He was afraid his students were going to get distracted. I was one of the last undergrads who worked for Dr. Scheuer in his later days.

  5. The Bilger addition has a couple of windows on the end facing Bilger (North?) on the fourth floor. Maybe the second and third, too, I don't remember now. The photo was taken on the roof of Bilger. That was the quickest way to get to Dave's office.


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