Thursday, August 4, 2016

Daily Pump Trap: 8/4/14 edition

A few of the positions posted at C&EN Jobs this week: 

Doylestown, PA: Arbutus Biopharma is one of the small companies featured in Rick Mullin's article this week on medicinal chemistry in Bucks County, PA. They're looking for an experienced medicinal chemist. (B.S./M.S./Ph.D. desired, 4-8 years experience.)

Um, what?: Bruker is looking for a NMR sales representative in Massachusetts; 3-5 years experience required. Sounds like a fair bit of travel. What's this bit?: 
May be required to pass security clearance investigation.
That's... interesting. 

Huntsville, AL: Nektar is a regular at C&EN Jobs; they're looking for experienced Ph.D. (?) analytical chemists. (3 openings) This is a funny juxtaposition: 
The individual will have to evaluate and interpret complex data and test results (e.g., stability studies, GC/MS, LC/MS/MS studies). To qualify, you must have a Ph.D. in Chemistry or in Pharmaceutical Sciences preferably with a core expertise/experience in Analytical Chemistry/Separation Sciences/Instrument Analysis area with 2-5 years of relevant Laboratory experience in the pharmaceutical industry....
...A PhD in a scientific discipline is required. Equivalent experience may be accepted. A minimum of 2-5 years work experience in a research and/or development environment is required. Post-doctoral work may serve as experience. Exceptional non-PhDs with demonstrated capabilities and/or significant experience may also be considered. 
Unclear to me, if I were a M.S. analytical chemist with 10+ years of experience, if they'd accept me. Probably not, I think.

Pearl River, NY: Pfizer is looking for an experienced scientist for research on oncological drug delivery with lipid nanoparticles.

Piscataway Township, NJ: The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre is looking for an applications support scientist; Ph.D., 7+ years experience desired.

ACS Philly Career Fair Watch: 64 positions at the moment, with 26 of them from Gilead. 


  1. I know an experienced MS-level analytical chemist who was hired by Nektar, and who likes it there. I'd guess it's likely they'd fairly consider strong MS-level candidates.

  2. Gilead was also posting a lot of jobs for the San Diego ACS career fair in March this year, but from what I could see at the conference, they weren't interviewing anybody...

    1. Gilead has been "hiring" for a very long time now. I networked with a friend of mine that works there to send my resume along to a hiring manager for an open position. I didn't hear a thing from them. Part of me wonders if they've gotten to the same place as big pharma where your resume is trash if you didn't go to an Ivy. The only contact I receive from them is telling me they'd like to keep me in their electronic "Talent Pool" and that I should update all my info.

    2. Two people that I worked with got jobs with Gilead (one a while ago and one just a year or two ago), so they do hire people based on my personal experience. And they hired your friend as well. Maybe it's half and half, a fishing operation and actually hiring for about half or a third of the positions? It should be a new thing for certain other companies, because at least someone would get a job in this case.

    3. I did have some concerns about their social policies that I read about in some book (Handmaid's tale or something, it was a long time ago), and their strange corporate logo, so I didn't apply.

    4. Both the Gilead as well as Genentech (Hoffmann-LaRoche) are in the same category. One see tons of advertisement from both, they acknowledge but you never hear from them. What else you expect of pond scums running the company the Rand D?

  3. The security clearance bit may be required for the sales representative to enter restricted facilities (government, police, army or navy labs, etc.)


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