Thursday, August 25, 2016

Massachusetts wins, NJ/PA loses

You knew it, I knew it, the scientific community knew it (via the Boston Business Journal's Don Seiffert): 
Recent growth can largely be attributed to Shire plc (Nasdaq: SHPG), which last year added around 1,200 jobs in Massachusetts, establishing its U.S. headquarters in Lexington as well as expanding both research and manufacturing facilities. 
The manufacturing growth is a rare bright spot in an otherwise bleak picture of such jobs in the Bay State. The state has lost about 50,000 manufacturing jobs, or 17 percent, over the past 10 years, according to data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most of that decline came between 2008 and 2010, right after the worldwide recession hit. 
The increase in drug manufacturing in Massachusetts also comes despite a declining number of biomanufacturing jobs nationally. The United States lost more than 24,000 biopharma manufacturing jobs, an 8 percent decrease, in the past decade, according to MassBio’s report. Such states as New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been the hardest hit: Those two states alone lost nearly 23,000 drug manufacturing jobs since 2006. (emphasis CJ's)  
MassBio’s 2016 Industry Snapshot shows that the number of biotech research and development jobs grew by nearly 7,000 since 2007, and continues to make up about half the total 63,000 jobs attributed to the biotech industry.
 Well, it's great for Boston, I guess. 


  1. +1200
    =false song of globalism

  2. Ain't it great that when you move from suburban Philly or NJ to Boston, you might have a a much smaller house with a much longer commute, but you'll suddenly be so much more creative and innovative than before!

    The MBA types never cease to amaze me. My prediction is that next, they'll figure out that Boston and SF are too expensive, and they'll start relocating companies to Portland and Austin for cheaper magic creative foo-foo dust.


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