Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 6/11/13 edition

Good morning! Between June 6 and June 10, there were 54 new positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. Of these, 4 (7%) were academically connected and 36 (67%) were from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Racine, WI: S.C. Johnson is looking to hire an experienced Ph.D. physical organic chemist for a senior chemist role; looks like product development.

Davis, CA: Arcadia Biosciences is looking to hire an experienced bench biochemist, looks like. Sure wish they would pay a little more than $54-58k, though.

Groton, CT: This is an interesting position, from my perspective. It's for a senior process engineer for Pfizer. Looks to be oriented towards API manufacture. (I'll bet they're paid a little more than $54k.)

Philadelphia, PA: The Philadelphia Museum of Art is looking to hire a Ph.D. analytical chemist to analyze art works:  "Graduate degree in chemistry, material science or like w/ expertise in FTIR, GCMS, Py-GCMS, Raman, XRF, SEM-EDS, and/or XRD required."

Little lost lamb: Because the American Chemical Society is where you would go to hire a senior X-ray physicist.

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  1. Your attitude is unacceptable. In the environment where the industry is struggling against the ever increasing tide of shortage of qualified STEM workers you should be lauding this company for going out its way to advertise this position to US-based job seekers.