Thursday, June 20, 2013

Job posting: surface scientist, W.R. Grace, Columbia, MD

Via an e-mail from an astute reader:
Opportunity to join W.R. Grace's Analytical Center of Excellence in our Surface Science and Microscopy and Spectroscopy characterization group.  This position will partner with a variety of areas globally in support of chemical and materials characterization requirements associated with research and development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing organizations.  
The successful candidate will have a solid knowledge of surface science and other relevant material characterization techniques and be able to develop and document new measurement methodology.  The candidate will handle multiple tasks with a high degree of accuracy in a fast-pace analytical chemistry laboratory.  Position will supervisor two or more professionals.  Hands on experience with ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) microscopy instrumentation (SEM, FESEM, EPMA, XPS and/or TEM) as well as experience working with infrared (FTIR), UV/Vis, light microscopes, sample preparation methodology and sample preparation equipment.
There's more at the link. Looks like a M.S./Ph.D. (0-5 years for the Ph.D.!) position. Best wishes to those applying! 

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