Monday, June 24, 2013

Job posting: NMR chemist, San Jose, CA

HGST, a Western Digital company and a major producer of hard disk drives, is seeking a chemist with NMR experience to join a team of materials scientists who support HGST's research, development, and manufacturing efforts in all aspects of hard disk drive technology.  The position is located in our world-class Materials Laboratory in San Jose, California.   
...Experience in general wet chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and strong NMR spectral interpretation sills are required.  Sample prep/isolation strategies include careful mechanical teardown techniques, collection of sample via trapping of volatiles and/or extraction, concentration and analysis.   
A background in 19F NMR is a big plus.  Additional pluses would include background in polymer chemistry, structure, and properties, as well as background in thermal analysis (TGA, DSC, TMA, DMA).   
Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Science, or equivalent experience is required.  Immediate availability is highly desired.  
Subject to availability, entry-level Ph.D. candidates will be considered.  However, relevant postdoctoral and/or previous industrial experience would be a plus.
Sounds intriguing.  

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  1. 19FNMR is not a big deal. It's a huge range, relaxation rate is insanely fast, only one NMR active isotope, easy to obtain, and all the typical shifts are available from a list that you can find on the Internets. Even the cases where you have a BF4, triflate, or whatever and only one of the fluorines coordinates to a metal counterion is really easy to interpret.

    I used to take FNMR almost with every sample at one point. It sounds like this job would require solid state NMR more or taking care of a machine, which is a bit of a harder proposition. Probably polymer NMR experience (not too hard but you have to do it for a few months) and gel chromotography to characterize the stuff sound like bigger pluses than FNMR.

    Sounds like an interesting job. Too bad can't apply at this point.