Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sometimes, it feels this way


  1. Ah, almost home.

    GN: New York is only a long train ride away, and you can probably afford to see your family at night if they live somewhere in the wilds of Northern NJ or eastern PA. The schools probably aren't bad, and the politics isn't quite as nuts as elsewhere (for either side of the aisle).

    BN: It's still not cheap (more than you can afford), the drivers are insane, the weather sucks, and the freeways aren't nearly as pretty as CA's. However, at least you'll get a front-row view of pharma committing hari-kiri. That's worth some of the money you're not being paid, right?

  2. Sounds reasonable. Is this a real job add from the inbox, or satire?

  3. "MegaChem gives preference to handsome men and beautiful women because they present the right corporate image in Chemical Safety Board videos."

  4. "Position highlights: You are being brought on entirely as excess headcount, because the Hiring Manager heard there may be layoffs, and wanted to get a fall-guy in place before the axe falls."

  5. I think the Chinese are beginning to feel our pain:

    1. I fully approve. It seems like sleep deprivation torture is one of the few good reasons that CEOs can use to justify their outlandish salaries these days. 'Increasing shareholder value' or 'getting rid of silage within the company'? Not nearly as much.


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