Thursday, June 20, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 6/20/13 edition

Good morning! Between June 18 and June 19, there were 25 new positions posted on the C&EN Jobs website. Of these, 17 (68%) were from Kelly Scientific Resources.

Princeton, NJ: Betapharma looks to be a medicinal chemistry startup? Anyway, they're looking for someone who appears to be at the director level or higher. "Recognized medicinal chemistry expert with drug discovery experience."

Austin, TX: Sapling Learning (the online teaching folks) are looking for more chemistry content developers; they're either growing like weeds or have very high turnover.

Greater Sacramento Area: Ampac Fine Chemicals is looking for both a continuous chemistry expert (it's pretty cool to see this be posted) and a senior process chemist position. I suspect that both of these are more based on experience than degree level.

Starkville, MS: Anyone want to be the Mississippi state chemist? You need a Ph.D., and to be willing to work for a maximum of $90,000. (Uh, what? That seems to be a touch low.) 


  1. Temp to hire positions, diligently working to lower the salaries and benefits of chemists since the creation of Kelly Scientific.

  2. $90k low for a GOV chemist? Come work for the feds. As second class to any engineer you'll top out at ~$80k. That's only after 20 years, of course.

  3. Sapling? ew. I would work for them just to see if I can do anything about the horrid experience I had with it in ochem.

  4. I worked with a postdoc who got his PhD in Mississippi. The cost of living was so low that their stipends were adjusted down to $15K/yr. Add far as I know, he didn't struggle to get by on that amount.

  5. I worked part-time (40 years ago!) for the State Chemist while I was working on my undergrad at Ms State. At the time they were doing some interesting work (both service and research) and had nice instrumentation.

    The folks there were very nice to be around and put up with my questions... (Back then it was Dr Alley).

  6. I am in Mississippi State Univ right now. The State Chemist (a prof. in the chemistry dept, where I am.) does NOTHING! It's the cushiest job ever. $90,000 is A LOT in this city, though the head of teh chemistry dept is supposedly making >$150,000.

  7. Yeah 90k in Starkville, MS puts yu probably in the top 5% of earners in that town. Seriously.

    Also, did PhD in that state, diff school, amd stipends were on avg ~15k. So yeah, 90k is excellent pay for that area. Granted , Starkville is a crap hole of a town.


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