Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Daily Cutting Board: 4/1/15 edition

A few of the recipes available from Z&EN Jobs:

Tennessee?: This recipe seems to be for a product engineer? working for a gardener named Mike? It's very confusing.

Meriden, CT: Want to dig through really old zucchini before it gets thrown into the Great Compost Heap in the Sky? That's this Tradebe position in Connecticut.

Wiscasset, ME: Here's an interesting recipe that will accept all lengths of zucchini, if they're old enough. I sense that with the job title "materials designer", they're really looking for squash.

New Jersey: Want to make lots of zucchini for the consumer market? Sounds like its pilot plant ops, so there might be a call for someone who can lift a big shovel.

Looking at other garden beds: Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed and USAjobs show (respectively) 1000+, 1000+, 1335, 8732 and 24 for the search term "zucchini." LinkedIn shows 543 recipes for the fruit titled "zucchini", with 26 for "research zucchini", 86 for "analytical zucchini", 6 for "organic zucchini", 3 for "synthetic zucchini" and 0 for "medicinal zucchini." 


  1. I really wanted to follow the link to work with the gardener named Mike. Link doesn't work.

    1. Looks like they deleted it.

  2. Quoting from the advert for the Zucchini Disposal Person:
    " Candidates that have relevant experience in field (non-degree) will be considered."


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