Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Job posting: Sr. Research Scientist II, Analytical Development, Gilead , Edmonton, AB

From the inbox, another worthwhile Canadian position: 
Position Description: Gilead in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is seeking an experienced and knowledgeable professional to assume the position of Sr. Research Scientist II in Gilead Alberta’s Analytical Development department.  
Essential Duties and Job Functions: 
- Responsible for directing and executing scientific research for the development of drug candidates or the research support of marketed drugs.
- Investigates the feasibility of applying advanced principles and techniques of related scientific specialty to products and problems.
- Advances the development of state-of-the-art techniques to characterize substances, assays and tools.
- Plans, designs, implements and analyses laboratory experimentation to advance scientific knowledge of drug substances or drug products.
- Directs Research Associates or members of project teams in the initiation and execution of laboratory experimentation, considering economic, regulatory and safety factors.
- Works on a wide range of problems where analysis of situations or data requires evaluation of intangible variables, requiring regular use of ingenuity and creativity.
- May act as a spokesperson, internal consultant, or advisor to top management on corporate research and development direction.
- Maintains in-depth knowledge of principles and theories, applying such knowledge to the direction that supports Company interests.
- Demonstrates technical proficiency, scientific creativity, collaboration with others and independent thought in suggesting experimental design and research strategy.
- Must think critically and creatively and be able to work independently, determine appropriate resources for resolution of problems and have strong organizational and planning skills.
- Excellent scientific communication skills (both verbal and technical) and interpersonal skills are required.  
Knowledge, Experience and Skills: 
- 12+ years of industrial experience and PhD in Chemistry.
- BS or MS degree with extensive industry experience.
- Aptitude to make significant contributions within specialty and sustained strong performance and accomplishments that align to company goals.
Job code 21448. Interested? Contact Mark Yedor at mark.yedor-at-gilead.com

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