Saturday, April 11, 2015

Job posting: synthetic organic chemist, Google, Mountain View, CA

...If you get excited about building new things and aren't daunted by the challenge of building something from scratch, then our team might be your next career step. 
You will be responsible for the design and implementation of bench-scale synthesis experiments to support various project needs. You have expertise and hands-on experience in synthetic organic chemistry is expected, along with knowledge of polymer chemistry. 
Use synthetic organic methods to prepare various quantities (mg to 10’s g) of materials for use by project team members.
Initiate and manage outside custom synthesis projects on an as needed basis.
Interface with team members of different technical backgrounds in engineering and science. Use technical expertise and laboratory techniques to address problems in support of research and development of the team.
Provide and present progress reports; present issues, results to the team.
Contribute to other project activities as appropriate. Develop competence in other lab techniques. 
Minimum qualifications 
PhD degree in synthetic or polymer chemistry, or related field, or equivalent practical experience.
3 years of industrial experience with experience in synthetic and polymer chemistry.
Experience and ability to use state of the art chemical instrumentation (HPLC, GC, NMR, etc.) and interpret the results. 
Preferred qualifications 
Experience and knowledge in fluorescence and other optical chemical reagents development.
Experience relevant to development of medical devices that involves chemistry as an essential part (i.e. biosensors, in-vitro assay, and in-vivo monitoring).
Knowledge and experience of enzyme modification, bioconjugate techniques.
Ability to work independently and also enjoy the work in a multidisciplinary environment using chemical approaches to design and develop chemistry methods to solve applied problems.
Willing to perform hands-on lab work.
I think this speaks to the breadth of what Google is thinking about doing more than anything else -- I guess this is an indication that they're responding to Peter Thiel's challenge after all. 


  1. Have you seen this yet?

    There's a lot wrong with that article, starting with the second paragraph.

    1. @CJ:

      A: You can only imagine how many applications this posting will get. Their HR screening algorithms will get a workout...
      B: Perhaps this falls under the aegis of Google X? Just speculating here (see article below), but what do you think?

      Apparently, they are doing cell biology research (flow cytometer and microscope in the second photo).
      Guess they need a talented chemist to start making "borg nanoprobes" ;-)

  2. What's the point the automated organic chemistry machine should just be given the job right.

  3. Google is also looking for people with LIMS experience. Hard to guess whether they're looking to shake up the LIMS industry or build something for their own in-house use.


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