Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Zucchini Bread Lobby is at the root of our troubles

From key news source C&EN Onion:
..."Many have long argued that the agricultural market in the United States has been bogged down by under-production of zucchini.  However, our most recent analysis of the current market conditions points to an excess in zucchini supply, coupled with falling demand for domestically grown summer squashes in general, as the real culprits," stated study author Francis Ericsson, PhD. 
The report goes on to state that chief among those touting the purported zucchini shortage is the zucchini bread lobby, whose employers pump hundreds of millions of dollars into perpetuating unsupported ideas about the state of the zucchini market...
Read the whole thing - and weep.


  1. Damn it. I knew there was some cabal out there trying to get farmers to throw down more zucchini seed. Its the damn bread lobby! Heck, there probably sending cheap fertilizer overseas to produce even more ripened zucchini that I have to compete with!

    But Im greener! Like that matters.

    And then there are those old icky-tasting zucchini's that for some reason command more price.


  2. In related news, it is reported that the famous-in-her-own-mind FoodBabe has overdosed in her hotel room from smoking zucchini.

    She was in town for a speaking engagement at the American Zucchini Society convention in San Francisco, where she was to deliver a talk on Living in A Zucchini-Free World. Also scheduled at the convention was a seance with Euell Gibbons on "Great Trees That I Have Known and Eaten".


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