Friday, April 17, 2015

Job posting: experienced Ph.D. medicinal chemist, Seattle, WA

The candidate is expected to utilize cutting-edge chemistry techniques to design and synthesize novel peptide conjugates, as well as the characterization of the physiochemical properties of both free and conjugated Optides. The position requires a strong background in protein chemistry, bioconjugation and analytical techniques. The chemistry will include highly potent/toxic chemotherapeutic agents and incorporation of radiolabeled tracers. Key goals are to design and execute on the synthesis of highly potent chemotherapeutic PDCs, develop novel means of improving pharmacokinetic properties while maintaining efficacy, and establish critical acceptance criteria for development and progression of optimized PDCs. The position will require contribution with a high degree of independence as a senior member as well as mentorship of junior team members. The candidate will act as the medicinal chemistry expert on a multidisciplinary team to develop effective anti-cancer therapeutics. 
To be considered the successful candidate must have:
A PhD in chemistry or related field with 8+ years of post-graduate research experience
Expertise in the synthesis of highly potent chemotherapeutic compounds.  Experience with conjugation techniques is highly desired
Experience with medical chemistry optimization of therapeutic candidates is desired
Training/experience in the use of radioactivity
Experience with solid phase and/or peptide/peptidomimetic chemistry techniques is highly desired
Well-organized with strong attention to detail
Best wishes to those interested. 

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