Thursday, October 8, 2015

San Diego job postings: Crinetics and others

From my Twitter mentions, Crinetics is now looking for experienced medicinal chemists.

(You know, I get the real sense that Sorrento Valley is a more happenin' place than it was ~7 years ago; I hope that's true.)

Also, I would love love love love to know the story behind this API manufacturing supervisor (?) ad in the San Diego Craigslist. Why does it need a B.S. in chemistry? 

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  1. I'm curious about this Crinetics position, they seem to have undergone some odd shifts. First they were looking for someone to fill a scientist level position, but then later downgraded to looking for a postdoc. Now 2 positions for scientists are open? Did they make the initial hires and secure more funding to grow, or is this a need they filled via CRO or other temporary measure and now need to address again? My suspicion is it's the latter.