Friday, February 19, 2016

You could see North Korea from your front porch!

From the inbox, a real winner of a position: 
Wanhua Chemical Group CO.,LTD. - Columbus, OH  
$30,000 a year 
Job Description 
Positions for Fresh PhD Graduates:
PhD, major in chemical engineering, chemistry, polymer, material science or related fields;
committed to industrial R&D;
proactive, self-motivated, results-oriented;
Candidates with both international education background and 1-2 years' working experience are also welcomed. 
Compensation: RMB 200,000+ per year 
Working Location: Yantai, China
Limited vacancies in Beijing and Shanghai
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: 15,000.0元 /month
Required education:
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $30,000.00 /year 
Required education:
The final line means "Ph.D. and above", according to Google Translate.

(I really wonder what the median chemist salary in China is. Someday, many years later, maybe I will meet "化学工作人" or whatever he or she will call themselves.)


  1. Haha I like what you did there. For those who don't get it, 化学工作人 means chemjobber in Chinese

  2. So, I am confused. That 30, 000/yr is the going rate for chemists in China or in Columbus Ohio? 化学工作人, what do you say man? Can it get any lower?

    1. The ad was a clever (?) way to advertise to Chinese chemists in Ohio, I suspect.

  3. It reminded me a joke about the unlucky scientist who has a Japanese boss, a Chinese salary, and an American wife

  4. Nowadays, scramble those and you really have no difference. Its bad everywhere for everybody, except for a lucky few.