Friday, February 5, 2016

Job posting: experienced process chemist, Gilead, Foster City, CA

From the inbox, a position at Gilead in Foster City*:
Specific Responsibilities and skills for Position: 
LEAD and COORDINATE - chemistry project teams.
  • Identify process improvements.
  • Devise novel solutions and strategies to complex synthetic problems and implement in the lab and Pilot Plant.
  • Deliver high quality API requirements on time.
  • Prepare timely documentation (batch records, reports, development reports, etc).
  • Provide technical, problem solving, and scientific leadership.
  • Preparation of documents for regulatory submission (e.g. IND filing / update, NDA filing etc.)
  • Proven track record of significant accomplishment in Process Development
Knowledge, Experience and Skills: 
  • 7+ years of experience and PhD in a relevant scientific discipline.
  • BS or MS degree with extensive industry experience. 
Apply to the opening here. Best wishes to those interested. 

*Hey, Gilead readers: what's it like to live in Foster City? Do you actually live there? or where do you live?


  1. The people I know at gilead do not live in Foster city. Some live in East Bay and others live nearby on peninsula. As with most in the Bay it often depends on where/if your spouse works and where you can compete for a house

  2. I know a few people who work at Gilead. They're spread out between the South Bay, Peninsula and SF. Foster City itself is pretty small.
    Due to the high price of the housing market, spouses jobs, people's own preferences about where they like to live, kid's schools, etc., once people get settled they don't tend to move around as they switch jobs.