Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ask CJ: who are your favorite pharma/biotech analysts/writers?

Great question from the inbox, and one that I'd love to get an opinion on myself: 
Dear CJ and friends, 
As a relatively new chemistry hire in Pharma, I've been looking to broaden my perspective on the industry. In a world where everyone and their pet gerbil is a SeekingAlpha writer who spews out the shallowest of hot hot takes on the latest company press releases, I would like to know which analysts you and your readers think are worth the time and clicks.  
I'm not just looking for industry news, I want people with strong, but thoughtful opinions: particularly those who write from a business perspective, but show a passable understanding of the science behind it. One such person who comes to mind, for instance, is Adam Feuerstein. 
I'm wondering if your readers could list a few of their favorite industry analysts and writers, 
With eternal gratitude,
My two answers that come off the top of my head? Matt Herper at Forbes and Lisa Jarvis at C&EN. 


  1. Don't forget Ed Silverman and the rest of the team over at StatNews.

  2. I enjoy Bruce Booth. A good look into the VC/business side grounded in actual scientific reasoning/research.

  3. I don't know if you'd count Derek, but I find his analyses (and meta-analyses of the writings of some of the aforementioned analysts) to be quite thoughtful and informative. Of course, this supposes that a pharma-aligned chemist is not familiar with ItP...

  4. Adam Feuerstein

  5. I always find the FriecePharma newsletters as good industry coverage and insightful interviews/articles. Because they have broken down into various areas you can select those of particular interest.


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