Friday, April 29, 2016

Job posting: B.S. chemist, Plain City, OH

From the inbox, a position at Quanta BioDesign in Plain City, OH:
The successful candidate will be an essential part of our QC/QA team providing analytical support in characterizing our dPEG® products for both catalog sales and products in clinical trials. Will support company scientists in acquiring and interpreting QC data as well as assist customers who have QC-related questions about our products. Will be a vital link in the development of the dPEG® technology. Excellent communication, problem solving, and time management skills are critical aspects of this position.
Best wishes to those interested.


  1. "So, why did you quit the job at Quanta? I heard the pay was good for Ohio and you liked the job when you started it."

    "Yeah, it was okay, but the city lacked a certain 'joie de vivre'. No nightlife and nothing to do after 5pm. I mean, I can survive in Cleveland for a few years so I don't have excessive cultural needs, but this place? The plainness just takes a mental toll you know."

  2. @ Uncle sam - I live in Plain city and I work at OSU! Plain city is semi-rural and for the salary (?) Quanta is planning, Plain city offers homes with a decent rent. It is my understanding that Quanta does not pay much even for a Ph.D let alone BS or MS. As for the night time recreation you can take 270W and then head off to Columbus which has a decent night life!