Sunday, March 20, 2016

EdX class in medicinal chemistry

From the inbox, Professor Erland Stevens of Davidson College is once again teaching his class on medicinal chemistry:
I teach a free, online course in medicinal chemistry on the edX platform.  The course was developed at Davidson College and is currently offered through a collaboration with Novartis.  In three previous iterations, the course has attracted over 30,000 registrants from around the world.  The course repeats on Monday, March 21st.

The course runs 7 weeks and covers topics ranging from pharmacokinetics (Vd, clearance, half-life), metabolism, activity against drug targets (Ki, Kd, IC50), lead discovery (screening, filtering hits), and lead optimization.  The target audience for the course includes chem/bio/pharmacy graduate students, very recent hires in pharma, or anyone looking for an introduction into topics relevant to drug discovery.
Sounds interesting!  

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