Thursday, April 2, 2015

Job posting: two lecturer positions, UC Merced

From the inbox, two temporary teaching positions:

A summer lecturer position, teaching "Principles of Organic Chemistry" and "Organic Synthesis and Mechanism."

Also, a fall lecturer position, teaching general chemistry and organic chemistry.

Best wishes to those interested.


  1. Any bennies come with those jobs? (rhetorical question)

  2. From the inbox, a comment:

    I work at a CSU (California State University) which is different from an UC institution. Lecturers in a CSU institution are entitled to health benefits for six months (for a semester system) or four months (for a quarter system) if they are hired at a 40% time base or greater, and also entitled to dental and vision benefits for four/six months at any teaching load. Teaching two 3-unit lecture classes, or three once-weekly lab classes, or two twice weekly lab classes (= 8 teaching units) covers this 40% teaching load requirement out of 15 units.

    It seems that the UC system has a higher teaching load requirement (50% - see link below), which is not covered by only two 3-unit classes, but maybe the new hire could pick up one organic lab class to make it to past the 50% teaching load threshold.


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