Thursday, March 24, 2011

The ACS Anaheim Career Fair, by the numbers

The ACS Career Fair will be March 27-30 in Anaheim, California. On the ACS Careers website, there are currently 132 positions posted (as of 8 am EDT 3/24/11)  that recruiters claim to be interviewing for. Here they are, by the numbers (if they are tagged correctly by the search function. Duplication a real possibility here):

Education: A.A./some college (4), B.S. (38), M.S. (12), Ph.D. (44), Ph.D./postdoc (12)

Country: Canada (3), China (22), India (1), Singapore (1), U.S. (105)

Specialization (must be some duplication): analytical (29), biochemical (15), biological (15), biotechnical (5), catalyst (2), cheminformatics (1), cosmetics (5), energy (10), engineering (12), general/technical (10), inorganic (8), materials (22), nanotechnological (4), organic (29), organometallic (6), paint (2), petrochemicals (6), pharmaceutical (36), physical (10), polymers (38), rubber (6).

Work function: analyst (3), process development (15), product development (21), manufacturing (11), marketing (4), pilot plant (8), QA/QC (2), applied research (59), basic research (31), sales (5), technical services (10)

Level: entry level (33), experienced (94)

Organization type: academia (8), government (6), industry (107), non-profit (1), small business (<500 employees) (10)

Obviously, the country one is an interesting number to look at. I should track these over time, huh?


  1. Polymers win! Ph.D.s are only slightly more popular than B.S.s. Yes, the China number is interesting.

  2. Now will everyone see that a MS is not the easy way out? Companies rather hire a BS than a MS (cheaper). On the other end companies rather hire a new PhD than an experienced MS as hiring managers often have PhDs.

    Stop thinking a MS is an easy way out!!! This is even more proof it is not. If you actually get a job with a MS, there is as very real glass ceiling. If you leave with a MS don't expect to get your name on publications or patents of things you invent and do all the lab work for either.


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