Friday, March 4, 2011

This is just to say...

A poem, by Chemjobber:

This is just to say
that I had a busy morning
and I was not able to blog today
Forgive me
The hours are short
And real work is plentiful

with apologies to William Carlos Williams.

(back tomorrow AM with today's posts -- I promise)


  1. "And real work is plentiful"...

    Hey CJ, ever consider making extra money via blogging? I wouldn't stop visiting if you had some ads on your blog.

  2. much depend upon the chemist covered with dew beside the white chickens

  3. A6:20p: Yeah, I guess I've thought about it, but who would advertise? I have a really hard time imagining anyone who would want to... Thanks for the thought, though.

  4. Totallysynthetic still has ads and look how often he updates. also i think thechemblog did? anyway i imagine you've got as wide an audience as the field would support, so if Aldrich or other suppliers are supporting anyone, it should be you!

  5. Maybe those folks that sell the "Pfired" stuff.

  6. career consultant, financial consultants and moving companies may be something that would share your target market.

  7. oh, and some chemical recruiting agencies are always looking for new leads for people who need their services

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  9. No one has the time
    To answer back in rhyme?
    It’s a crime!
    Before this ode gets worse
    I shall complete my verse.


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