Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 3/29/11 edition

Good morning! Between March 24 and March 28, there have been 65 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 11 (17%) of them are academically connected. 13 (20%) from Merck; wanna be a mechanic?

Arch at ACS Anaheim!: Arch Chemicals is a global biocides company. They have posted 5 positions; all of which are being interviewed for at ACS Anaheim. They have a nice Ph.D. organic chemist position for someone who has 5+ years experience in the lab, including scale-up/pilot plant experience.

Soap in the shower this morning? Thank us!: Unilever is looking for a Ph.D. analytical chemist with experience in LC/MS and GC/MS for analysis and method development. GPC and IC experience desired as well.

MatSci? MatSci!: Goodyear Tires and Rubber is looking for 2 Ph.D. chemist positions; a material scientist and a senior research chemist. Polymer synthesis and characterization skills desired.

A rare bird: Celgene in San Diego is looking for a Ph.D. medicinal chemist with 8 to 13 years experience to well, do everything, looks like. Looks promising for someone; not too often you see one of these fairly senior positions posted.

Zeroes mean so much: Kodak is looking for a Ph.D. physical chemist with experience in polymer physics (what's that?) 0-2 years experience acceptable; you need your degree by June 1st. (cutting it close, aren't you guys?)

Batteries, again: Pellion Technologies is in Cambridge, MA; they're looking for M.S./Ph.D. scientists to perform battery research. They're looking for both a M.S./Ph.D. organic chemist (organometallic, most likely) and a M.S./Ph.D. physical chemist; they want 5-10 years experience. Hey, guys, you're about a year late into the job market -- you don't think these people haven't had a bunch of money waved at them already?


  1. RE: "Cutting it Close for (C)Kodak" Hope is, at the end of 5 yrs, you have enough research under your belt to say "Hey, mind if I defend in May?"


  2. Yes! TMBG is my fave!


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