Thursday, March 17, 2011

You asked for it, Merck.

Isn't this what you want to be selling?
This job DEMANDS your degree in chemistry.
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Of the 71 positions posted, 37 are from our friends at Merck. So, along with a smattering of science-related positions, there are some real doozies. Are you a chemist? A member of the American Chemical Society? Merck wants to know if you're interested to be:
You know, when I got my degree in chemistry, I thought to myself: "You know, self, I really like footcare products. And when I really get good at synthetic chemistry, I'd like to become the head of the leader in footcare products, a brand that has been around for over 100 years. That would make my Mom and Dad proud of me."

Well, dreams die hard.


  1. Know what's sad? That marketing job is probably 100x more stable than any of the chemistry jobs at Merck. If they offered it to me I would probably take it.

  2. Easy on the Dr. Scholl's brand CJ. This walk-everywhere city gal would be permanently blistered without their stuff. :)

  3. Well, if you ever decide that science writing isn't your thing... :)

  4. Chemjobber : I am flummoxed by the job posting "electromechanic". I did a Google on it and came up with....the "Related to both electricity (or electronics) and mechanics. I suppose I can call myself "mediorganochemist".

  5. Is an electromechanic someone who takes apart electric things, and tries to fix 'em? If so, I qualify for all the toasters, clocks, and coffee makers I've destroyed this way.

  6. I think the marketing director job is relevant, and kudos for Merck for that one posting! (Though they may have done something good by sheer quantity of adverts in C&EN).

    Consumer products are complex. The human body is even more complex. How products and the body interact with one another is best understood by a chemist.

    Marketing is not just about advertising & pricing. It is about knowing your consumer and your products and more importantly where your products should be going next.

    Though that being said, I wouldn't apply for that job either. I would miss my hood too much.

    We synthetic chemists are a die hard breed.


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