Friday, March 4, 2011

BREAKING: Unemployment rate down to 8.9%, from January's 9.0%

Fresh (not so fresh) electrons from BLS. The unemployment rate is at 8.9%, down from January's 9.0%. U6 unemployment also slightly down to 15.9%, from January's 16.1%. More later. 


  1. @CJ: Kudos to your new logo. Anyway, just read a rant on ChemBark's blog about inane chemistry stock photos/clip art. What's your opinion about this jem from ACIE Early View?

  2. Maybe, maybe not.

  3. There is also a long term impact on the high unemployment rate, almost 20% of children in America are living in poverty.

    The economy needs to have jobs growing at this rate for awhile for a recovery to be certain.

    Intrinsic Value: Unemployment and Children poverty relationship

  4. A10:45a: You know, for some reason I don't find it very offensive. I find it cutesy, as opposed to the "mad chemist" cartoons that you can find, which I find really irritating.

    Funny how that works -- I think it's the dot eyes and stuff.


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