Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ACS Career Fair at Anaheim, March 27-30, 2011

At the Anaheim ACS conference next week, they're having the career fair. It'll be interesting to see the final white board numbers, but here's a portion of Susan Ainsworth's short article on the Career Fair:
More than 30 companies and organizations—including Arch Chemicals, Asymchem Laboratories, Dow AgroSciences, Gilead, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Merck & Co., Momentive Performance Materials, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals—will be scouting for new hires at the career fair.

During the Anaheim meeting, some employers—including Celanese and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory—will be making themselves more accessible by participating in Recruiters Row, a series of booths that will be set up in the Exposition Hall, Harwell says. At previous meetings, candidates were only able to meet recruiters if they had set up an appointment to meet in the career fair hall, he adds.
"Being on Recruiters Row will allow us to promote our company and create interest among future and passive job seekers," says Tricia Hayes, a senior recruiter with Nalco Energy Services. The company will be actively recruiting chemists to fill R&D positions in Sugar Land, Texas, and to work at its new lab in Pune, India.
Good luck to the job seekers!


  1. Dude, the ACS Career Fair in Anaheim is going to be such a Clusterfrak of desperate postdocs, grad students, and recently laid off chemists!

  2. @Anon 7:26 - Were you there in Boston in 2010? Wow. "Recruiters Row" was a ring of about 10 companies, half of whom seemed permanently "Will Return in 15 mins." and the other half snowed in by the lines of 10 people deep throughout the day.

  3. @anon11:55pm: Did you get any good leads at the 2010 Boston ACS career fair? If you're heading to Anaheim, best of luck with the job search.


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