Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Many, many things we love

Goodness me, there were a lot of participants in the "12 chemistry things" I love list:
  • Leigh's list -- check out the beautiful photo.
  • Matt's list -- always nice to have the inorganic chemistry view.
  • LabMonkey's list -- funny how ethyl acetate always shows up as a favo(u)rite smell.
  • Sharon's list -- #3 is so dead on.
  • Wavefunction's list -- super thoughtful, as always. Not reading his blog? You should be.
  • Beloved commenter CMCguy's industry-inspired list.
  • Beloved commenter SeeArrOh's list -- a simple dump-and-stir is always a friend.
  • The Boiling Point's list -- the foam one is so true.
  • Fischblog's list -- "Synthesis is almost magic." Almost.
  • Kzrt the phytochemist's list. Fixing your own glassware!?!?!
  • The Scientist Next Door's list. "Tension-free project meetings." I'll have to have one of those, sometime.
Wow! Thanks for all the participation. Don't forget the all-time master list is here on ChemistryBlog.

1 comment:

  1. Best smell ever- trimethyl orthoformate.
    Second best- MTBE


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