Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 3/31/11 edition

Good morning! Between March 29 and March 30, there were 29 new positions posted on the ACS Careers website. Of these, 3 (10%) were academically connected.

MEEEERRRRCCCCKKK!: 16 (55%) jobs posted by Merck. You want to be a regulatory specialist in an emerging market? Merck's got a job for you. You want to be a chemist? Well.........  

Do you get a free Vaio?: Sony of America is looking for an organic chemist to be director of chemistry for their display R&D team. "Ph.D. required, with at least two years postgraduate experience or training or demonstration of a decade plus of superlative performance of chemical innovation and development. At least seven years industrial experience in organic chemistry." I think they want a Ph.D., a postdoc and lots of experience in fluorophore synthesis. Got it.

More batteries!: Pellion Technologies (the Cambridge battery startup) has posted 3 more positions: a battery cell engineer (ChemE preferred), an electrolyte developer (Ph.D. organometallic chemist) and a B.S./M.S. materials technician.

Smells: Firmenich is looking for a Ph.D. analytical/organic chemist in Princeton, New Jersey.

"Casual but focused environment": Takeda/Millenium is looking for a Ph.D. pharmaceutical scientist (degree in pharmaceutics or physical organic chemistry) to work on pre-formulations with formulators and process chemists.

Broader look: For the search term "chemist", Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed show 354, 784 and 3901 positions (respectively.)

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  1. Just came back from the Anaheim ACS meeting. I put on my "Beatrice" (or perhaps Virgil?) hat and gave a tour of the Expo to "Dante" from C&EN, with an eye towards getting another view of the job market from the exhibitors, separate from the ACS Career Services activities going on next door in Hall C of the Convention Center.

    The mood for the economy in general from the vendors we spoke to was cautiously optimistic, with many reporting clear signs of an uptick in activity. Hiring will lag however, and will be the last area to turn around. The need for job seekers to locate and identify small businesses that may be hiring has never been so important.

    Figures from ACS: Overall unemployment of chemists is at 3.8%, but for new grads it is at a shocking 12%.


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