Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daily Pump Trap: 3/24/11 edition

Good morning! Between March 22 and March 23, there have been 27 new positions posted on the ACS Careers database. Of these, 4 (15%) are academically connected. 3 (11%) positions are posted by our friends at Kelly Scientific.

Uh, Ididnotknowthat: Sometimes, you can read a blurb and have no idea what they're talking about (okay, so it's more like I have a tiny inkling, but that's it):
Cambrios is currently focused on the development of electronic materials for the display industry. Our proprietary nanostructured materials can be deposited using existing production equipment to achieve enhanced performance of display devices and components at lower manufacturing cost. The company’s first product, a directly patternable, wet-processable transparent conductive film, is poised to replace the industry standard sputtered indium tin oxide (ITO).
So they're looking for a Ph.D. polymer/organic chemist with "[e]xperience with formulation of aqueous and solvent-borne coatings systems." Uh, sounds great.

Sunshine and palm trees: The LA County Museum of Art is looking for a Ph.D. for a postdoctoral fellowship in art preservation. "A strong background in materials science, organic chemistry, or polymer science is desirable." Looks like you'll be using the museum lab's fairly involved analytical suite (XRD, etc.) and working towards a project "to develop preservation strategies for plastic objects in museum collections."

Aaand not so much: Owens-Corning's lab in Granville, OH is looking for a M.S./Ph.D. chemist with a strong background in analytical and organic chemistry (5+ years) to work in their analytical laboratory. You'll be performing "qualitative and quantitative chemical analyses of organic/polymer systems in a range of samples from around the world."

Zeroes!: Couple sets of positions for youngish organic chemists. ARMGO Pharma in Tarrytown, NY is looking for Ph.D. organic chemists (0-5 years experience) and M.S. chemists (4+ years.) Gilead Sciences is looking for a research associate for medicinal chemistry with 0 years experience.

Workin' for the man: Brookhaven National Labs is looking for a postdoctoral fellow to work on "advanced hybrid photovoltaic devices by combining inorganic semiconductor device platforms with self-assembled conjugated polymer and DNA-nanoparticle light-harvesting structures." Yeah, that.

Sandia National Labs is looking for a permanent Ph.D. synthetic polymer chemist to work on block copolymers for electrical energy storage. Looks like you'll need to be able to get a clearance (A "Q" clearance? Who knows.)


  1. Q clearance = Top Secret

  2. A5:22a: I guess I mean, I wonder if you need a Q clearance. I doubt it, though.

  3. Interesting sidenote: many of the high level scientists at ARMGO are Columbia grads. Won't stop me from applying anyways.


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