Thursday, March 28, 2013

Daily Pump Trap: 3/26/13 edition

Good morning! Between March 21 and March 25, there were 27 new positions posted on C&EN Jobs. Of these, 14 (52%) were academically connected. There were 2 (7%) positions from Kelly Scientific Resources.

That's some bad ad, Harry: Allergan wishes to hire a B.S./M.S. research associate to perform some synthetic medicinal chemistry. Of course, you couldn't find it in the ad, which looks like this (edited for clarity):

By contrast...: Gilead Sciences has a similar position and yet manages not to fall all over itself. 


  1. I guess my high performance liquid spectrophotometer experience won't be needed...

    1. But your chromatotron experience...

    2. That's a perfectly cromulent word.

  2. Hey, don't knock on visionaries for inserting suggestive statements about potentially revolutionary hybrid technologies into job descriptions.

  3. I don't think that if it's worded like that, it should put anyone off from applying. Just because the HR makes a few mistakes, it wouldn't make me suspicious of working at that company. We might be making fun of some word choices in the add right now because we are from the field, but I think if any one of us needed that job, we wouldn't think twice about applying. They did screw themselves over by putting 'biochemical' in there, so a simple search by the right candidate might miss it though.

    Saying nonsense like 'free-spirited work environment' or asking you to be a chauffeur for the boss on the other hand... now that's a warning sign.


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